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The ultimate objective of Moonlight Publishers is to offer a wide range of textbooks for numerous subjects and academic levels.

Govt. Projects

We wanted to make sure that the high-quality educational materials that students might use aligned with the curriculum guidelines that the educational authorities had implemented.

UNICEF Projects

To promote children's access to excellent learning opportunities nationwide, to give students an edge, and to guarantee them an opportunity for success.

Training Programs

We offer meetings, training sessions, and opportunities for professional growth to help teachers improve their teaching techniques, handling of classrooms, and academic competence.


Ideology Behind Our Business

The main goal of the company is to spread a culture of sustainable development and synergy between the private education sector, the public education sector, and civil society.
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All the skills for learning have been inculcated in our books. All the themes have been focused thoroughly. Our designers and illustrators further adorn our books with attractive illustrations, photos, graphs, diagrams, tables, and layouts. Such efforts make our books outstanding. We have teacher trainers, who deal with the academic problems of teachers as well as students. We keep in mind all the mechanics of learning. Developing resource packs and teaching aids to facilitate the schools so that they may teach our textbooks with a true sense of education and honesty. Provide school management software to schools for maintaining the day-to-day administrative tasks of schools and digitally monitoring their daily activities, along with managing all the resources and information on a single platform. Unquestionably, we are here to serve the cause of literacy and education in Pakistan with our best efforts. We still believe that much has to be addressed with the passage of time because to serve the nation, it actually calls for ever-flourishing development and a craze for undertaking marvel quests.

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We trust in honesty of purpose to undertake all sacred tasks, ensuring the prestige and dignity of the lot.


We pursue creative and effective academic and educational ideas, ensuring their potential to introduce a much-needed and unprecedented role in the arena of education and literacy.


As a matter of fact, our real strength is the dedication and wholesome spirit of serving the nation that line us up among the top business-grossing companies.


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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined, and achieve results that bridge what is and what can be.

Rana Nadeem Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer
Rana Fayyaz Ahmad
Managing Director
Rana Naeem Ahmed
Director Finance & Marketing
Wajahat Hussain
Director Academics & HR
Sh. Zeeshan Kamil
Director Sales & Recovery

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