We are a renowned group pf publication companies that assure quality, efficiency, proficiency and dignity of determination round the clock to cater all aspects of publishing textbooks for our young learners. Our squad comprises a number of professionals who are engaged with their obligations and responsibilities in maintaining rather improving the standard and quality of our products. Our professionals are our genuine strength that may undertake any responsibility under all circumstances quite effectively and in an impressive professional manner.

Director Academics

Our Director Academics heads the RND Department and furnishes recommendations for the whole squad to ensure quality and efficiency on merit. He is responsible for all academic and professional development and improvement in our textbooks from the very beginning to the end product process. He also has meetings with various institutions and supplies them with fund of curricular and co-curricular support to upgrade their institutions and standard of imparting good and effective knowledge to the students. He also designs teachers’ training module and assigns the most capable professional to undertake the task in the most affordable manner.


They are the backbone of our company. They are always engaged in research process and ensure competitive study material for the company that meets all academic requirements keeping in view the recommendations of the SNC 2020 and all prescribed strategies by the government of Pakistan. Dealing with all assigned tasks, they undertake comparative study of various textbooks and furnish their valuable opinion to make things done in the most affordable and comprehensive style.


They are highly-qualified professionals with enormous amount of teaching and writing experience and exposure to develop comprehensive textbooks for readers that not only elaborate all basic concepts but also comprise interesting and worth-reading textual material and instances to develop interactive textbooks to encourage the readers instilling a spirit of learning more inquisitively in their natural environment.

Composers and Designers

By the grace of Almighty Allah, we are equipped with a wide range of composers and designers. They portray the efforts of researchers and authors and portray a well-set and attractive layout that accomplishes the task of effective textbooks as a whole. Our squad of composers and designers keep in touch with all modern trends of setting and presentation of textbooks and limiting the price factor so that our products may reach all inquisitive readers and learners.

Editorial Board

Our editorial board comprises several subject specialists and teachers that review and improve all educational aspects of our textbooks reading between the lines. They are the finalizers of our products that aid us in developing reliable and comprehensive textbooks. They are well-versed and veteran teachers, authors, writers, poets and critics that help us in maintaining the quality and cause of textbooks in streamline.